How should an average student study if he/she aspires to crack the IIT JEE with a good rank?

A fact:

 Not everybody who cracks IIT was considered intelligent but becomes intelligent all of a sudden after cracking IIT JEE. The parameters that we have of intelligence are mainly board percentages, classroom performance, comparison with students around you, the words came out of your friends mouth about you, from mouth of your peers and people around you. Even good IQ people can be considered as not intelligent or smart, just because they may not be able to come out or unable to connect. There are other possibilities as well, intelligence lies in field of interest, as soon as you start getting interest and excitement in something you will start being intelligent in that field.banner_sale_maths

If you go to a shopkeeper and ask for price of a product from his shop, he will quickly answer and he will quickly tally the amount of your products without calculator. Not all shopkeepers are intelligent, if they would have been intelligent in our terms, then on preparation they all might have cracked IIT but that is surely not the case.

First have a realization that when you are saying that you are an average student, what is the reason for being average? You have never studied in your life since childhood? Studying always sounded boring to you? You have always tried to mug up before exam but you always scored low? You were never able to follow teachers in class? Your maths is weak? You other subjects are weak? Your calculations are weak? Your parents/teachers say you are average? You fear studying? Maybe you fear the subject you feel you are average in? You are not good at anything?

Because I do not think any student is an average students. Calling someone average is a result oriented thinking. Following are the possibilities of you thinking that you are average:-

  1. Never/Fewer studying hours since childhood

  2. Unable to follow what was taught

  3. Unable to mug up anything

  4. Prepared but scored low

  5. Low retention of subjects

  6. No interest in studying at all

  7. No interest in the subject

  8. Peer reviewbanner

The reason has to be in the above mentioned list. If you think there is something else please suggest and yeah there is a preparation solution for every one of the above mentioned problem. If you really think one of the above mentioned are your issues, then a solution is there.

But if you think you are average for IIT JEE prep- think if you really are interested in the PCM or not and if you think you are interested then can you give hours of hard work for the same.

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PS: I myself used to consider myself as average, I never topped my class until 10th, I happen to get a very good rank in IIT but always doubted myself but after few years I realized there is nothing like intelligence. Intelligence lies in interest.

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