Which are the best books available for IIT JEE preparation?

There are two purposes of a book-

  1. Delivering the right theory in manner so that most of the people can understand and follow.
  2. Having questions covering complete theory of the topics and of various level and types.

The two things combine to make a good book but it is very hard to make one such book as it will become thick and with many pages and nobody will buy it. So you will find maximum good books either focus on theory or questions. There are only a few books like HCV which focus on both in a good manner.

If you are a coaching student, for theory you should follow your notes and look for some theory book only in the case if you cannot understand what your teacher has taught. For question solving purpose, you should only look for some other book if you have successfully solved 80+% of the question bank given by coaching by yourself and still you are unable to face new problems. You can also refer for the purpose of random revisions.


For non-coaching students, If you are looking for theory books for IIT JEE and if deep detailing does not matter to you and you are just looking to prepare for IIT JEE. It will be good if you can arrange video content and lecture notes of some good coaching institute or some student who has cleared IIT JEE and had written all the notes in good hand writing. Handwritten notes of a good coaching would be better than any book.

If you are unable to understood notes and you want detailed theory then you should go for any of the following books:

Physics:- Resnick Halliday, HCV

Chemistry:- JD LEE, Solomon Fryle, L.G. Wade

Mathematics:- Hall n Knight, Prilepko, S.L Loney, Arihant books(i.e. Amit M Agrawal).

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