Where should I go for IIT-JEE coaching, my native or Kota?

There are various parameters which decide which coaching institute to choose:-

  1. Your home location:- being near to home is always good as you can study in your familiar environment.
  2. Coaching institutes in Andhra (in this instance) and Kota both are good, as I know the teaching pattern is different, in Kota they conduct 4–5 hour classes and leave the rest of the time upto you, study as you wish to study in the remaining time. While in Andhra they take classes from morning to evening and they have compulsory study hours  (as far as I have heard). So, if both the methodology suites you, you can choose the more comfortable one.banner_sale_maths
  3. Previous year selection rate:- Previous year selection rate is good in both Andhra and kota, so it does not matter where you study from this point.
  4. Batch size:- The batch size in kota is huge, may go upto 200 students in a classroom if you are more of a personal learner then you should select a coaching with small batch sizes.

Above points will help you out to select a coaching institute.

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1 thought on “Where should I go for IIT-JEE coaching, my native or Kota?”

  1. animesh tiwari

    Kota is an IIT hub but I would strictly suggest you not to go there for the preparations because it is now becoming a suicide point and nothing much. The environment of Kota is totally changed and will not be a preferable choice. Rather i will suggest you to go to Madhya Pradesh which is also becoming an IIT hub and here you can get many good coaching institutes like Catalyser which is also my choice……

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