IES/GATE Samples

Toppersnotes IES/GATE Samples

Civil Engineering

IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Fluid Mechanics
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Irrigation & Hydrology.
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes RCC (Reinforced Cement concrete).
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Soil Mechanics.
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes SOM.
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Steel.
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Structure analysis railway-highway
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Civil Engineering Environmental
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Surveying & Building materials & Pert CPM construction Equipment.

Electrical Engineering

I: – Material Science, Basic Electrical Engineering, Electromagnetic Theory (SAMPLE)

II: – Electrical/Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation, Computer Fundamentals (SAMPLE)

III: – Basic Electronics Engineering, Control System (SAMPLE)

IV: – Analog & Digital Electronics (SAMPLE)

V: – Digital Electronics (SAMPLE)

VI:-  Signals & Systems (SAMPLE)

VII: – Electrical Machines (SAMPLE)

VIII: – Power System-I (SAMPLE)

IX: – Power System-II (SAMPLE)

X: – Power Electronics (SAMPLE)

Electronic Telecommunication Engineering

Volume I: – Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering

Volume II: – Material Science, Electronic Measurement

Volume III: – Network Theory

Volume IV: – Analog Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronics

Volume V: – Analog & Digital Communication

Volume VI: – Signals System, Control System

Volume VII: – Microwave Engineering, Advance Communication, Electromagnetism

Volume VIII: – Advanced Electronics, Microprocessor.

General Studies For IES

IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Maths project management quality
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Environment & Energy information & Communication & Technology Material science
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Current affairs & Engineering Drawing engineering aptitude & Ethics

Mechanical Engineering

IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Fluid Mechanics & RAC, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Heat & Mass Transfer, Machine, Mechanical Design & Fluid Machinery & introduction & BFA Inventory
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes I.C Engine & SOM/MOS/MOM/SM
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Production Engineering (Material Science)
IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Theory of Machine, GAS Turbine, Engine & thermodynamics

CS/IT Engineering

1.  Algorithms. (SAMPLE)

2. Computer Networks Computer organization & Data structures. (SAMPLE)

3. Databases & Digital electronics.(SAMPLE)

4. Digital Logic & Engineering Mathematics. (SAMPLE)

5. Operating System & Software. (SAMPLE)

6. Compiler Design & Theory of Computation. (SAMPLE)

Sr. No.Topic NameStatus
1History of JavaLive
2Features of JavaLive
3Comparison c vs C++ & C++ vs javaLive
4Compilation process of javaLive
5Oops concept (Basic programmer fundamental)Live
11Exception HandlingLive

Sr. No.Topic NameStatus
1Internet TechnologyLive
2Introduction to NetworkingLive
3Transmission Media and EthernetLive
4Networking DevicesLive
5IP AddressingLive
6OSI & TCP / IP ModelLive
8Introduction to Mobile CommunicationLive
10Backup and Restoring DataLive
11Multimedia / Video – ConferencingLive