NEET PG Samples

NEET  PG Part A toppers  handwritten notes contain 3 books

Part A:3 Books covers the following topics
Anatomy:- Histology, Osteology & Arthrology, Head and Neck, Back, General Embryology, Neuroanatomy, Thorax, Upper limb, Abdomen, Pelvis, and Perineum, Lower Limb (updated book)

Physiology:- General physiology, Phases of A.p, CVS, Renal physiology, Respiratory system, GIT, CNS, Spinothalamic tract.

Biochemistry:- Amino acid, Biogenic amine, Segawa syndrome, Carbohydrates, Glycolysis, Minor metabolic pathways, DNA & RNA, Electron transport chain, Fatty acid, Molecular biology, Bloating technique.

NEET toppers Part B handwritten notes contain 5 books

Part B:5 Books covers the following topics

Forensic medicine, MicroBiology:- Medical jurisprudence, Sexual offense, Injuries, Asphyxia, Thanatology, Entomology, Toxicology

Pathology: Cellular adaptation, Inflammation ,Genetics ,Immunology ,Amyloidosis ,Neoplasia ,Bleeding ,disorder ,Blood banking ,Anaemia ,WBC ,Systemic renal theory, CNS, Lung, CVS, GIT, Liver

Pharmacology:- Pharmacology,Exertion ,Pharmacogenetics ,Parasympathetic system Sympathetic system ,CVS ,Hypertension ,Antidyslipidemic ,Central nervous system Epilepsy ,Psychiatrist ,Antimicrobial ,Antifungal ,Antiviral ,Thyroid gland ,Autacoids ,Diuretics

Social and Preventive Medicine:- Epidemiology, Cohort & case-control study, Demography, Biostatistics
Family planning & contraception, Health and disease, Vaccines and cold chain
Screening of disease, Health and nutrition, Environment and health, Social sciences
Important points.

Cardiology, General oncology:- Cardiology, Structural damage, Pericardial effusion, Pons Fungal meningitis, Hyponatremia, Carcinoid tumors, Azotemic Osteodystrophy Imminent respiratory failure, Cirrhosis, Whipple disease,

General oncology:-Oncology Invasion, Haematol oncology

NEET toppers Part C handwritten notes contain 5 books

Part C:5 Books covers the following topics

General Surgery:- Introduction, HCC, Hepatoblastoma, Blue duet, Neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas, Hiatus hernia, GERD, Gist, Perineum, Large bowel obstruction, Appendix & Hernia, Urology, Penis & urethra
Arterial disorder, Breast, Thyroid

Ophthalmology and Pediatrics:- Anatomy, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Trauma, Eyelids, Lens, Retina
Optics, Cornea, Uvea

Orthopedics, Psychiatry, and Radiology:- History, Anatomy of the spine, Physiology, Anatomy hip joint, Infection, Knee joint, Oncology, Pathogenesis, Hip dislocation

Psychiatry:-General Psychiatry, Neurotic disorder, Personality disorders, Psychology, Psychopharmacology, ECG Radiology:-Introduction,X-ray ,MRI ,Chest X-ray ,USG ,Spectral Doppler ,Brain tumour
Musculoskeletal Radiology, Metabolic disease, Nuclear medicine, Gastrointestinal tract

Anesthesia, Dermatology, and ENT:-

  • Anaesthesia:-Triad of Anesthesia, Equipment in anaesthesia, Intravenous anaesthetic agent, Inhalation anaesthetic agent, Muscle relaxant, Local anaesthetic agent, Epidural anaesthetic
  • Dermatology:-Dermatology, Disorder of Melanie, Shape of skin lesions, Connective tissue
    Sexually transmitted diseases, Fungal diseases, HPV
  • ENT: –Introduction, Audiometry, Larynx, Pharynx

Gynaecology and Obstetrics:- Germ cell differentiation, Physiological changes during pregnancy, PH, Pelvis
Breech ,Abortion ,Endometrial ,Infertility ,Printed.