The story of Kota: The IIT, PMT Coaching Hub

The city located in the southeast of northern Rajasthan. In the past decade the city has become a popular destination for education as it is the hub of coaching institutes for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, PMT, UPSC and others. It is popularly referred to as the ‘coaching capital’ of the country. Over about 1.5 lakh students migrate to the city every year for preparation of various competitive exams. There is a hub of coaching institutes for coaching of exams like IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET and it attracts the major student population of the country. The city has a number of hostels and PG’s for the students in the vicinity of coaching institutes.

The various renowned institutes in the city include:

  • Allen Career Institute
  • Motion IIT JEE
  • Vibrant Academy
  • Aakash Institute
  • Bansal Classes
  • Resonance
  • Career Point

These institutes provide coaching for a number of competitive examinations and what draws a major chunk of students here is the most experienced faculty and professionals of various streams. These institutes provide all sorts of exam related material, tutorials and guide the students in a very particular manner. Moreover, the city always has an air of competition and studies. The city provides a very apt environment to a student who is keen to crack such exam. Living among various students and being in regular contact with the faculty members a student remains well acquainted with the method of preparation and remains in touch with a regular study pattern. The city provides a kind of surrounding which is not found in the home cities of the students. Being in contact with the toppers and experienced faculty members a student remains motivated and keen to crack the exam which he/she desires to. The city has a perfect setting where all students discuss study schedules of each other and help one another in the understanding of concepts and queries.


It has been found that the study patterns followed by students are quite rigorous. And students devote the maximum part of their day to studying and preparing for the exams. The coaching classes have a very long duration of about 6-7 hours and after coming back the students devote the rest of the time to self studies. It is found that in the name of completion and to score the highest the students have forgot living a healthy life which has occurred due to irregular sleep patterns, consumption of packed and high calorie junk food on regular basis, some students even resort to habits like smoking, liquor consumption and high medication to relieve from the stress. The facts and stats which come forward in this regard are quite disturbing. In the last few years there have been a number of suicide cases in the city. The evidences and reports show that students are extremely depressed and stressed due to the edge cutting competition and those who are unable to fulfill the desired targets see no other option except suicide. The city has emerged as a ‘suicide capital’ over a number of years.

These news headlines are very disturbing for the other youths residing in the country and for the parents too. Here, I can only suggest the students to remain satisfied with their performance and stop competing with their counterparts as it will lead to a dreadful end. It is very important to work hard for achieving what you strive to but at the same time it is equally important to discover your interests and live a peaceful life. Always remember that ‘success is never achieved by the stressed but by the cheerful hearts and lively minds’.

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2 thoughts on “The story of Kota: The IIT, PMT Coaching Hub”

  1. Animesh Tiwari

    This coaching capital of the country now has nothing better to offer. All have become stereotypes. Instead, coaching institutes of smaller cities like Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur, Surat, Vadodara are giving better results. Vidyarambha, CatalyseR, Kalpvriksh are far better.

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