Success & Failure: A Myth

First question that comes to my mind after reading the title is what is success? What is failure? Am I a successful person? Am I a person who is failing in life? How can I always be succesful? These all are questions which comes  to my mind and it may happen that they may come in your mind as well. But these are the questions which we surely face many a times in our life. Especially when we are preparing for examinations or competitive exams. This is the question which pops up in our mind again and again- Will I fail or will I go through?

So, the definition of success in case of examination is passing the examination or securing a good score in it. While failure is simply failing or getting a low score.

Now I would like to setup a theory over here. Following are the two things we should always have in our mind while doing any sort of work or preparing for any competitive exam.

1.Ultimate goal of life may be to be a rich person, to be a famous person, to be happy and blissful, to roam the world with your friends and family, to live a peaceful and secured life, to do innovations, to bring about a change in the world, to do a lot of fun and many more things.

2.The life is uncertain, you may die at any instance because of any natural calamity, any health issue or may be a terrorist attack.

Taking the above two points into consideration, I would like to discuss success and failure over here. There are two ways to work/study in life:-

First one is to work hard towards the goal and not having any sort of fear of failure, no tension in mind and you are working as if success and failure are part of life and they are inevitable.

Second way is doing just the opposite, putting stress on your head, pushing yourself hard even when you are not willing, getting restless and sad whenever you underperform, getting angry at yourself.  Having fear all the time what people will say if you fail? what will you do if you fail? you will make everybody sad if you fail. Deteriorating yourself under the self created stress environment.banner1

After all the preparation and hard work let’s suppose  you get success , what now? The future is still uncertain, you may not get the ultimate goal in life even now. What  you will loose in the second process is the current state, the peace in present, the quality of life which you may have by just not having that additional stress created by fear of failure.

Neither success will make your life certain nor failure will end your life. You will always carry your efforts though. Whatever you do it’s part of life, you may get through a exam or you may not be able to do so.

I will give you a very simple example, I never failed in life, I may have failed for some people but I never felt like I have failed. Why? I never failed because I never cared about failure or success. I just know one thing, there was a take away of every event that happened, I have learnt piece by piece and I know this learning process will never end. All I have always done is follow what I had in my head and try to go through all the hurdles which may come in my path. I may clear those hurdles or I may not but in the process I will come to know if it is feasible for me or not. If something is not feasible for me, I should just focus my energies in doing better things than that in life. If It is feasible, I may or may not try for it depending upon how bad I want it in my life. But getting those things or not will never have major impact on my life, the life will go on as it always does.

I would like to conclude with the argument that no matter how hard you try you will never fail and you will never be unsuccessful in life. Never let that extra stress deteriorate your present and work your best towards your goals.

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