The perfect way to retain what you learn in school.

Always remember that, the more you learn and retain in your childhood, the easier it will be for you to go ahead in your future. The major issue with the education system in our country is that students are forced to study for exams which are completely wrong, their sole motive for studying should be to learn not just for exams. This thing does not let students retain the knowledge they have gained in smaller classes. If we all have good retention- due to high space availability in your brain, everyone can retain a lot of things but you will always find every person retain different stuff. Some retain history, some retain literature, some retain mathematics, some retain science, this whole retention thing is based on one’s interest and curiosity, the more curious and interested you are in a subject the more you will study about it with interest and thus your brain will retain it. Students in our country do not retain much of the things taught in early classes because they have been studying just for the sake of exams, thus no interest no retention. If students are taught with interest and practicality rather than just cramming up theory and exam, students will retain much more knowledge.banner_sale_chemistry

But IIT is a different kind of exam. The exams which we give in our childhood can be solved and marks can be scored through mugging and last night preparation but in IIT they want you to apply what you have learned in questions. That’s where students find themselves troubling, their study approach is completely dependent upon throwing what they have, they just throw it they never actually apply it. To teach things to students things should be presented in a more interesting way, one way to do it is to make things interesting at first then once they are focused teach them whatever you want them to teach, they will take it. Like if you say to a child let’s go to a market for shopping, he will straightaway say no, but if you tell them there are eateries and toy shop around they will suddenly be interested in joining you. The curiosity has to be students if they are not curious they can never learn. The way of presentation and execution is very much important.

That’s why we say when we say two hours of focused study are better than 5-hour sitting or 4 hours of concentration work at the office is far more efficient than 10 hours of a slow working day.

Parents should focus on what their child is learning in school, rather than accounting them with the marks they scored in their exams. See what they actually apply and discuss of in life then how much they score in exams. Discuss with your child what they know, ask them what they want to know, create curiousness among them, like do you know beta ye kya hota hai…… hum bachpan mein ye karte the…… do you know what is this……….. See that…. isn’t it interesting. The thing a child takes interest in, you never know one day that interest will come calling and ask him am I interesting if yes come on board. If found promising and without bondage, your children will just get onboard and do wonder with his interest. Two things deteriorate future of your children…the so called education system and the bondage which you give them. Your role should be to give wings to their rightful desires rather than cutting their wings and asking them to build a secure house to keep you safe. The more thick and lengthy wings the child would have and if it has those muscles to swing them in the air the more height they will achieve in life.

Nobody can study in pressure, if you put more pressure on your child the less effective his studies will be but the day he himself get interested in studies, no matter how dumb he is, he will do wonders. The intellect of a person varies on his consciousness, by proper focus and intelligence even a dumb person can be as smart as the smartest. Get your ward some interest in education rather than blindly trusting the school which he goes. Parents are the main teachers in life, no matter how many cool teachers you bring the best teachers will always be parents. If you cannot give time to your children then better not plan children, it is not necessary.banner

Now whatever is said and done now your children is in tenth class, just do a proper career counselling of your ward rather than fitting him into your dreams.

After the decision has been made and student comes to 11th standard with an aim to become and IITian engineer.


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