Top 10 college fests in India

Have you ever been to a college festival? Most would say yes. Given that almost every college these days hosts its annual festival, students from various disciplines of different colleges across the country speak about what takes to make a fest good, unique and laudable. Arranging a fest ranges from planning a theme, to fixing the budget, managing sponsorships, inviting guests, performers, arranging events and a lot more. It is all about fun embellished with learning experience when it comes to organizing a successful college festival. College festivals are all about the fun, frolic, dancing, eating, chatting, meeting new people from other colleges, participating in events, star performances and many other things. We, at ToppersNotes have listed out 10 most exciting college fests in India. We ensure that you will have a great time attending these.

Mood Indigo, IIT Mumbai


Mood Indigo, also known as MoodI or MI, is the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. It is an event usually held towards the end of December every year. The 2015 edition of Mood Indigo witnessed a footfall of more than 1, 26,000 students from more than 1620 colleges from across the country. Started in 1971 by a group of enthusiastic IITians, Mood Indigo, now in its 45th edition, has become the largest festival of its kind in Asia. Over the years, MI has also attracted considerable media attention and numerous well-known sponsors.Mood Indigo has hosted numerous artists and famous personalities over the years with many big names and organisations being associated with it.

Saarang, IIT Madras


It’s a five-day event organized by the IIT, Madras, and now Chennai.Saarang is an annual cultural festival organized by the students of IIT Madras. This festival was formerly called ‘Mardi Gras
It sees a crowd of about 50,000 every year and the fest is equally famous among college-goers as well as the Chennai locals. The wide variety of cultural events (music and dance shows), celebrities and competitions it hosts definitely makes it here on the list as number 2.



Started as a small festival in 1971, OASIS is the annual cultural fest of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. Known to receive participation from more than 200 colleges in India, OASIS is a 96 hour non-stop fest that is conducted over four days in the month of October. Events at this happening fest include dance, music, stage shows, drama, fashion shows and treasure hunts. Prominent events of this fest are Exposure, Rocktaves, Rap Wars, Choreo as well as Mr & Ms Oasis (MAMO). The events that attract maximum crowds are the “prof show” or professional shows wherein artists/groups such as Good Shoes, TAAQ, NeerajShridhar, The Shakey Rays and KailashKher have performed in the past. Held one week prior to Diwali, it boasts of a crowd of 6000 from about 90 colleges. The fest is jam-packed with fun and excitement and is definitely a must-visit for every college student.


Incident is the annual cultural festival of the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) in Surathkal, Karnataka, India and is known to be the second largest college fest in the country. It is a five day long event held in the month of March. Started during the 1980s, the fest has been amplified every year since. The fest brings together students from different colleges all over India and is composed of several competitive events as well as pro-shows by renowned artist.During this five day fest, events such as singing competitions like Bandish (eastern classical music completion) and Pulse (western heavy metal competition) as well as dance competitions like solo dance, couple dance, street dance, Tandav and Promenade (western group dance) are conducted. NIT K has a private beach wherein students can chill out or take part in competitive events such as beach volleyball, football as well as sandemonium.

Riviera, Vellore Institute of technology


This famous cultural and sports fest of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore spans for 3-4 days in and around the month of January- February. Known to hold more than 100 events in the fields such as dance, music, literary arts, fine arts debates etc, Riviera is known to welcome more than 4000 students from different colleges of the country apart from seeing participation from some 45,000 VIT students. Like other fests, the star night at Riviera is worth boasting about and is known to attract massive crowds. Popular artists such as Shankar Mahadevan, Euphoria, Parikrama, KK and Hari Haran have graced VIT Vellore’s fest in the past.

Unmaad, IIM Bangalore


Unmaad, IIM Bangalore’s annual cultural festival, was first organized in 1996 and since then, the fest has been scaling new heights each year. Unmaad, meaning extreme happiness, gives colleges and corporates all across India a chance to be part of this unique experience with 72 hours of non-stop excitement culminating with the flagship Unmaad fashion show.  The 3 day event unleashes the element of craziness amid the otherwise hectic schedule of MBA students.

Waves, BITS Goa


What could be better than a cultural fest by the sea? With an amazing history of celebrities that have performed there and the geographical advantage, this wouldn’t be a fest to miss. A three-day cultural festival, Waves is known to see participation from around 100 colleges with more than 2000 students participating in its various events. Popular celebrities who have graces the fest with their presence include VidyaBalan, DJ Suketu, KK, Parikrama, ShafqatAmanat Ali and KailashKher, among many others.

Malhar, St. Xavier’s


Malhar is one of the largest inter-collegiate youth festivals in Mumbai, India, hosted annually by the students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The festival is completely managed, organized and run by the workforce which consists of 1200 volunteers and 130 people in the organizing committee.Each year, the festival follows a specific theme. In 2015, the theme of the festival was ‘Malhar: A Chronicle’, with an aim to serve as a perfect platform for thousands of people to voice their untold stories.Pretty much every Mumbai college-goer has been to Malhar, and those who haven’t, definitely should! They certainly won’t disappoint.



One of the most popular fests, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi’s cultural fest Rendezvous is known to draw a footfall of approximately 50,000 students from some 350 colleges spread all across the country. Conducted in the month of October every year, this four day event holds many competitive events such as Stage play, Street play, Cue games, Western and Eastern group song competition, Street painting, Parliamentary debate, Ad-Mad , Quizzing events, Photography etc. The four main events which lead to the creation of all the hype around Rendezvous are Bigwig, Kaleidoscope, Blitzkreig and Dhoom.

Pravega, IISc Bangalore


The Science, Technical, and Cultural Fest of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. The fest promises something for everyone- from the nerds and geeks to the rock punks. In its conception, it is the first and the largest of its kind, and is designed to attract those students who are the brightest, most creative, and most passionate about knowledge of any form.

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